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Elements of Design

Good design starts with the basic elements like color, texture, line, and shape. Develop an understanding of what you see and what you like, and apply it to your quilts - traditional, art, modern, and contemporary. This lecture features real life examples of the elements in action on quilts and offers solutions to common design problems.

Discovering Found Objects

Learn to look at everyday objects with an eye to adding them to art quilts. Paper, wire, metal, plastic, natural and manmade objects can be unique embellishments and can help your quilts tell a story.

The Business of Being an Artist

Create a marketing plan to promote your art or creative business, learn the steps you need to take to be successful as a professional artist. Marketing, promotion, exhibiting, publishing, and goal-setting are covered in this informative and thought-provoking lecture.

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Combine a lecture with a workshop for even more learning!

Pricing: One hour lecture - $475 (or $400 when booked with a workshop). Click here for WORKSHOP offerings.

Lectures require a room that can be darkened, a screen or white wall to project onto, and access to electricity for my laptop and digital projector. A table for dozens of quilt samples would be appreciated as well.

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